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"White Mountain"

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Photo Gallery of Mount Dhaulagiri in the Nepal Himalaya - the world's seventh highest mountain

A Photo Gallery of Mount Dhaulagiri ( 8167m )

the world's seventh highest mountain

and neighbouring Peaks

in the Nepal Himalaya

Dhaulagiri was first climbed by the Swiss in 1960. Its name is derived from sanskrit; dhavala means 'white' and giri is 'mountain'. The mountain was sighted by British surveyors in India in the early 1800s and was mapped in 1873 but the region remained largely unknown until a Swiss aerial Survey in 1949. The French Annapurna expedition in 1950 had permission to climb either Annapurna or Dhaulagiri but decided on Annapurna after a reconnaissance of Dhaulagiri. By 2002, 275 climbers had summited on 160 expeditions, 55 climbers having died.

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