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UK & IrelandThe AlpsScandinavia | Southern Europe | Eastern Europe

UK & Ireland:

Scottish Highlands, England, Wales, Ireland

Ben Nevis the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Liathach in the NW Highlands of Scotland


Buchaille Etive Mor in Glencoe in the NW Highlands of Scotland

Buchaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, Scotland

Ben Lui in the Southern Highlands of Scotland

Ben Lui, Scotland

Ben Lomond in Southern Highlands of Scotland

Ben Lomond, Scotland

Scafell the highest mountain in England


Snowdon - the highest mountain in Wales


Carrauntoohill - highest mountain in Ireland



European Alps | Austria | France | Italy | Switzerland | 4000ers 

Mont Blanc the highest mountain in France and Western Europe

Mont Blanc , France

Grandes Jorasses in France

Grandes Jorasses , France

Le Pelvoux , France

Le Pelvoux , France

Dom - the highest mountain within Switzerland

Dom , Switzerland

Matterhorn , Switzerland

Matterhorn , Switzerland

Weisshorn in Switzerland

Weisshorn , Switzerland

Eiger in Switzerland

Eiger , Switzerland

Jungfrau in Switzerland

Jungfrau , Switzerland

Finsteraarhorn in Switzerland

Finsteraarhorn , Switzerland

Ortler , Italy

Ortler , Italy

Gran Paradiso - the highest mountain within Italy

Gran Paradiso , Italy

Dolomites in Italy

Dolomites , Italy

Piz Bernina in Italy

Piz Bernina , Italy

Piz Badile in Switzerland

Piz Badile , Switzerland

Gross Glockner the highest mountain in Austria

Gross Glockner , Austria

Zuckerhutl in the Stubai Alps of Austria

Zuckerhutl , Austria

Barre des Ecrins in France

Barre des Ecrins , France

Zugspitze - highest mountain in Germany

Zugspitze, Germany

Southern Europe:

Triglav the highest mountain in the Julian Alps of Slovenia

Triglav , Slovenia

Olympus the highest mountain in Greece

Olympus , Greece

Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada - highest mountain in Spain

Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada, Spain

Naranjo de Bulnes in the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain

Naranjo de Bulnes, Spain

Pyrenees of Andorra

Pyrenees, Andorra

Mount Pico in the Azores, highest mountain of Portugal

Mount PicoPortugal


Galdhopiggen the highest mountain in Norway

Galdhopiggen , Norway

Kebnekaise - 2111m - the highest mountain in Sweden

Kebnekaise , Sweden

Hvannadalshnukur - highest peak in Iceland

Hvannadalshn˙kur , Iceland

Snaefellsjokul in Iceland

Snaefellsjokul , Iceland

Eastern Europe:

Gerlach Peak - highest mountain in the High Tatras of Slovakia

Gerlach Peak, Slovakia

Moldoveanu in the Southern Carpathians - the highest mountain in Romania

Moldeaveanu PeakRomania

Mount Elbrus in Russia - highest summit in Europe

Elbrus , Russia

Dykh Tau in Russia - second highest summit in Europe

Dykh Tau , Russia

Altai Mountains in Russia

Altai Mountains , Russia

Ergaki Range

Ergaki Range, Russia

Sabliya in the Urals of Russia

Sabliya , Russia


Middle East | Hindu Kush & Karakoram | Indian Himalaya | Nepal Himalaya

Central Asia & China | Japan & SE Asia | 8000ers | 7000ers

Middle East:
Damavand - highest mountain in Iran


Ala Dag , Turkey

Ala Dag , Turkey

Mount Ararat - highest mountain in Turkey

Mount Ararat , Turkey

Mount Uludag in Turkey

Mount Uludag , Turkey

Hindu Kush & Karakoram:

Pakistan KarakoramPakistan 7000ers8000ers

Noshaq in the Hindu Kush - highest mountain in Afghanistan

NoshaqAfghanistan / Pakistan

Gasherbrum I in the Pakistan Karakoram - the world's eleventh highest mountain

Gasherbrum IPakistan

Gasherbrum II in the Pakistan Karakoram - the world's thirteenth highest mountain

Gasherbrum IIPakistan

K2 in Pakistan -- second highest summit in Asia and the World

K2 , Pakistan

Nanga Parbat, Karakorum, Pakistan - the world's ninth highest mountain

Nanga ParbatPakistan

Broad Peak , Karakorum, Pakistan - the world's twelfth highest mountain

Broad Peak , Pakistan

Masherbrum in Pakistan Karakorum

Masherbrum , Pakistan

Rakaposhi in Pakistan Karakorum


Braintha Brakk / Ogre , Karakorum, Pakistan

Braintha Brakk / Ogre , Pakistan

Baltora Peak , Pakistan

Baltora PeakPakistan

Trango Towers , Pakistan

Trango TowersPakistan

Indian Himalaya:

India Himalaya | Indian 7000ers

Nanda Devi - the highest mountain in India

Nanda Devi , India

Siniolchu in Sikkim in NE India

Siniolchu , India

Shivling in the Himalaya of India

Shivling , India

Nepal Himalaya:

Nepal Peaks7000ers8000ers

Kangchenjunga - the world's third highest mountain

Kangchenjunga , Nepal

Mount Everest in Nepal / Tibet - highest summit in Asia and the World

Mount Everest , Nepal

Makalu - the world's 5th highest mountain

Lhotse at sunset

Lhotse , Nepal

Dhaulagiri - the world's seventh highest mountain

Dhaulagiri , Nepal

Manaslu - the world's eighth highest mountain

Manaslu , Nepal

Cho Oyu - the world's sixth highest mountain

Cho Oyu , Nepal

Shisha Pangma in Nepal / Tibet - the world's fourteenth highest mountain

Shisha Pangma , Nepal

Annapurna - the world's tenth highest mountain

Annapurna , Nepal

Ama Dablam in the Nepal Himalaya

Ama Dablam , Nepal

Macchapucchre ( The Fishtail Mountain ) in the Nepal Himalaya

Macchapucchre , Nepal

Chamlang , Nepal

Chamlang , Nepal

Central Asia & China:

Snow Leopard Peaks | China 7000ers

Peak Kommunism ( Ismoil Somoni Peak ) - highest mountain in Tajikistan
Pik Pobedy - highest mountain in Kyrgyzstan
Khan Tengri in Kyrgyzstan

Pik Lenin in Kyrgyzstan
Pik Korzhenevsky in Kyrgyzstan

Adamtash in the Fan Mountains ( Pamiro-Alai ) of Tadjikistan, Central Asia

Fan Mountains , Tadjikistan

Changtse ( Everest North Peak ) in China

Changtse , China

Namcha Barwa in Tibet

Namcha Barwa , Tibet / China

Mustagh Ata, China

Mustagh Ata , China

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain ( Yulong Xueshan ) in Yunnan Province of SW China

Yulong XueshanChina

Kawa Karpo ( 6740 metres ) in the Meili Xueshan Range Yunnan Province in SW China

Kawa KarpoChina

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount KailashTibet

Mount Siguniang in China

Mount SiguniangChina

Qungmoganze in Tibet, China

Qungmoganze , Tibet / China


Kongur in Xinjiang, China

Kongur , China

Labuche Kang in China

Labuche Kang , China

Chomo Lonzo in China

Chomo Lonzo , Tibet / China

Japan & SE Asia:

Mount Fuji , Japan

Mount Fuji , Japan

Mount Agung - highest mountain on Bali

Mount Agung , Bali, Indonesia

Hkakabo Razi in Myamar / Burma

Hkakabo , Myanmar


Carstensz Pyramid in Irian Java / Indonesia - highest summit in Australasia / Oceania

Carstensz Pyramid , Indonesia

Mount Kinabalu ( 4101 metres ) in Sabah, East Malaysia - the highest mountain in SE Asia

Mount Kinabalu , Malaysia

Lao Cai Mountains in Northern Vietnam

Lao Cai , Vietnam

North America:

Canada | USA | Mexico 


Canadian Rockies

Mount Logan highest mountain in Canada

Mount Logan , Canada

Mount Assiniboine, Canada

Mount Assiniboine , Canada

Canadian Rockies

Wilcox Peak , Canada

Mount Robson in Rocky Mountains of Canada

Mount Robson , Canada

Mount Colombia in Rocky Mountains of Canada

Mount Colombia , Canada


Colorado Rockies , Sierra Nevada

Denali ( Mt. Mckinley ) in Alaska - highest summit in the USA and North America

Denali ( Mt. McKinley ) , USA ( Alaska )


Denali ( Mt. McKinley ) , USA

Mount Blackburn in Alaska

Mount Blackburn , USA

Mount Rainier, Washington , USA

Mount Rainier, Washington , USA

Mount Olympus, Washington , USA

Mount Olympus, Washington , USA

Mount Whitney in California - highest summit in the contiguous states of the USA

Mount Whitney , USA

Grand Teton

Grand TetonUSA

Mount Jefferson in Oregon, USA

Mount Jefferson, Oregon , USA

Mount Hood - Highest mountain in Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon , USA

Long's Peak in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the USA

Longs Peak , USA

Mauna Kea, Hawaii , USA

Mauna KeaHawaii , USA



Popocatepetl , Mexico

Pico de Orizaba - highest mountain in Mexico

Pico de Orizaba , Mexico


Mount Kenya - highest summit in Kenya and second highest in Africa

Mount Kenya , Kenya

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - highest summit in Africa

Kilimanjaro , Tanzania


  Rwenzori Range in Uganda

Rwenzori , Uganda

Toubkal the highest mountain in the High Atlas of Morocco

Toubkal , Morocco

South America: 

 The Andes

Aconcagua in Argentina - highest summit in South America

Aconcagua , Argentine

Chimborazo - the highest mountain in Ecuador

Chimborazo , Ecuador

Cotopaxi - second highest mountain in Ecuador

Cotopaxi , Ecuador

Cordillera Blanca , Peru

Cordillera Blanca , Peru

Huascaran - highest mountain in Peru

Huascaran , Peru

Alpamayo in Peru

Alpamayo , Peru

Yerupaja - second highest mountain in Peru

Yerupaja , Peru

Tocllaraju in the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes

Tocllaraju , Peru


Ojos del Salado - highest mountain in Chile - second highest mountain in South America

Ojos del Salado , Chile

Volcano Sajama - highest mountain in Bolivia

Sajama , Bolivia

Cordillera Real in the Andes of Bolivia

Cordillera Real , Bolivia

Fitzroy in Patagonia, Chile, South America

Fitzroy , Chile

Torres del Paines i Patagonia, Chile, South America

Torres del Paine , Chile


Australasia & Antarctica:

Mount Cook the highest mountain of the Southern Alps in New Zealand

Mount Cook , New Zealand

Mt. Aspiring , Southern Alps, New Zealand

Mount Aspiring , New Zealand

Mitre Peak, South Island, New Zealand

Mitre Peak, New Zealand

Mount Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Mount Ngauruhoe, North Island, New Zealand

Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand

Mount Egmont / Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand

Mount Egmont / TaranakiNew Zealand

Mount Sefton, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Mount Sefton, New Zealand

Vinson Massif - highest summit in Antarctica

Vinson Massif, Antarctica

Mt. Kosciusko , Snowy Mountains, highest mountain in Australia

Mount Kosciusko , Australia

Uluru ( Ayers Rock ), Australia

Uluru ( Ayer's Rock ) , Australia

Mt. Conner in Australia

Mount Conner , Australia

Mount Wilhelm - highest summit in Papua New Guinea

Mount Wilhelm , Australasia

Carstensz Pyramid in Irian Java / Indonesia - highest summit in Australasia / Oceania

Carstensz Pyramid , Indonesia




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