Climbing Everest - Tales of Triumph & Tragedy





( Chomolungma,

Sagarmatha )

Trekking in the Everest Region

Photo Gallery of 8850m Mount Everest ( Chomolungma, Sagarmatha ) the highest mountain in the world

A Photo Gallery of  Mount Everest ( 8850m )

( Chomolungma, Sagarmatha )

" Goddess Mother of the World "

- the highest mountain in Asia and the World

Mount Everest was named after Sir George Everest
the former Surveyor-General of India. 

The Nepali name is Sagarmatha ( " Head of the Sky " ),
Sherpas call it Chomolungma
( " Goddess Mother of the World " ) 
and t
he Chinese call it Qomolangma Feng. 

The first ascent was in 1953 by ( Sir ) Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
who reached the summit via the Khumbu Icefall, the Western Cwm, 
the Geneva Spur to the South Col and the SE Ridge. 

Reinhold Messner has climbed Everest twice without oxygen
 and also made the first solo ascent.

 At the end of 2003 the record stood at 449 expeditions,  
900 different people had reached the summit 
( including over 30 people climbing more than 5 times, 
40 people climbing more than twice, a total of 1000 ascents ), 
- 160 climbers having died in their attempts. 

From 1983 both China and Nepal have allowed several expeditions on the mountain
at the same time resulting in queues for the fixed ropes,  confusion, squabbles,
crowded base camps and considerable rubbish littering the mountain.

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360deg panorama from summit of Everest

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